Christmas Trees for Tiny Houses


Even in a large (regular)-sized house there is the point in the holiday calendar when the furniture needs to be rearranged a little to make space for the Christmas tree and other holiday decorations.

In a tiny house, or apartment floor space is usually a such a premium that adding even a modest Christmas tree means actually removing a piece of furniture to make room, or risk knocking all the ornaments off each time you brush past the tree.

One option is to do without a tree altogether but if that doesn’t sounds very seasonal to you, consider one of the following alternatives:

Table top trees

Opt for a small or even miniature tree which can fit on top of a table, sideboard or counter. This caters for both real-tree fans and those who prefer an artificial option. The tiny house benefit to using a real tree is you don’t need to store it for the rest of the year.

This little tree (ordered from Amazon) comes already decorated and stands just 28-inches tall. It’s made from Maine balsam  and comes pre-lit and decorated with real pinecones, faux holly berries and white Holiday lights. 


Corner trees

For a house with a corner nook, try a long tall ‘corner tree’. You may be able to find a real tree with these dimensions but there are also lots of artificial ones designed to fit in a variety of long tall spaces. This National Tree 7 1/2′ Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree, Hinged, 350 Clear Lights (KW7-300-75) again comes with lights already attached.


Wall trees

If you have absolutely no floor space or counter space to place your tree how about a wall tree – this is where you can get really creative. Wall trees can be made out of many different types of materials and decorations, think twigs, branches, lights, photos, ribbons etc.


Outdoor tree

And who says the Christmas tree has to be inside! Many tiny house families are lucky to have a much larger footprint outside their home than inside. Decorate an outdoor tree and use it as an excuse to spend more time outside in the fresh air admiring your work.





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